If learning thousands of words in a language seems an overwhelming task,
remember that you can prioritize your study by starting with the subjects
you are more interested. Here are seven tips that will help you build a smart
vocabulary and boost your verbal test scores.  Tip 1: Break up the task into bite-size pieces. Don't try to learn
hundreds of words in one session. You'll overload your mental circuits.
Try tackling perhaps 20-30 words at a time.  Tip 2: Take meaningful breaks between 2 sets of word. Limit yourself
to three or four sets per day (20-30 words per set), depending on how
much time you have to prepare for your exam. Take meaningful
breaks-at least a few hours-between study sessions.  Tip 3: Sleep on it: Study a new batch of words just before bedtime.
Your mind is more ikely to retain information received just prior to
sleep. Don't be surprised if you hear a few of these words in your
dreams!  Tip 4: Vocalize as you learn. Saying words aloud or hearing somebody
else say them helps you to recall them later. Try reading sample
sentences and definitions aloud as well.  Tip 5: Learn words in the context of a story. You remember new words
more easily if you learn them in the context of a brief "story"-an
interesting and instructive sentence or short paragraph. You can make
up your own stories, as well.   Tip 6: Incorporate new words into everyday conversation. Use words
as you converse with friends. As you do so, pause to explain what the
word means, and ask your friend if he or she knows any similar or
contrary words. You're bound to learn even more words this way!  Tip 7: Review, review, review. It's not enough to learn a word once.
Unless you review it, the word will soon vanish from your memory
banks. The best way to review vocabulary is reading. 

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